Airsoft Belfast

Are you a keyboard warrior? Why not take it to the next level.  Battle it out in our multi level arena, using realistic weapons; compete against your greatest challenge yet.

Airsoft Belfast

Trigger Happy is N. Irelands premiere indoor airsoft arena, with over 12,500 sq. ft. multi level playing arena, fully stocked pro shop, with a wide selection of Air soft weapons, pistols, rifles, ammunition and other tactical accessories, and quality rental gear.

Suitable for walk on play, Private parties, Team building, Stag parties and advanced CQB training. We are renowned for our safety, training, high values and customer service to give you the best Airsoft experience in Belfast.

  • 12,500sq. ft Arena
  • Multi level indoor arena
  • Large Choice of Weaponary
  • For children / adults aged 12 +
  • Booking deposit required in advance
  • First Aid Trained staff


Challenge your skills in a real battle arena, Our multi-level indoor arena is the perfect combat zone for the real adrenaline junky.


We stock everything, including: Airsoft pistols, Airsoft Sniper Rifles, Airsoft Grenade Launchers, Airsoft Two Tone rifles and many more


Our missions are just as important. With years of experience in this industry, our missions are top-notch and tested to perfection. No matter your skill level, you’re guaranteed a role to play in the missions you’re assigned.

Airsoft Belfast

Trigger Happy is N. Irelands premiere airsoft arena. Over 12,500 sq. ft battle arena
Full selection of Air soft weapons, pistols, rifles, ammunition and other tactical accessories.


Most airsoft are the exact copies of the actual guns. Some manufacturers even use real mould of the originals in order to create the look, feel and even weight of their real-steel counterpart. Automatic Electric Guns can only cause welts. It is still painful however when the BB pellets hit the skin, since they travel at high speeds. That is why during “skirmishes,” protective gears must be worn to avoid injuries, especially around the eyes. Also, protective outfits are also recommended to be worn. There are special camouflages similar to those used by cadets that can be worn. Sweatshirts and thick pants can also protect the skin from being directly hit.

Airsoft guns can be categorized into 3 types:

Automatic Electric Guns (AEG)
Spring Powered

The Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) is among the most popular, although the most expensive, gun out of the three. Ranging an average of about £250,  these guns are not anywhere cheap. AEGs are powered by the Nickel Cadmium battery. It operates the motors that run the three gears inside the gun. These gears, in turn, compress and release the piston creating a blast of air that propels the BB pellets out of the gun barrel. The system allows the gun to function efficiently with its fully-automatic features in compare to most AEGs resulting in a realistic Rate-of-Fire. It can reach anywhere from 600 to 900 Rounds-per-Minute replicating the capabilities of the real-steel gun. 

Airsoft Packages

We have various packagaes, from solo walk on, Social Group, Corporation Team building, Company or Sports Group we can arrange an Airsoft package to suit your needs.