Nerf Wars


Challenge your little warriors to an all outr Nerf War!  Battle it out in our indoor arena, with our safe foam darts.


Nerf Wars / Dart Tag

Thinking about having a birthday party? Why not come down and let us look after the little warriors. Nerf  Wars / Dart Tag offers everything you might need to entertain the masses. Our soft darts and Nerf guns will allow the little warriors to battle it out in our themed arena, all our weapons are harmless to us humans, but allows their imaginations to play toy soldiers. With different game plays, and scenarios will let them battle it out to see who will be king of the hill.

  • Safe & Soft Darts
  • Various different Nerf guns
  • Multi level indoor arena
  • For kids aged 6 – 13 years old
  • 45 Minutes Play
  • Booking deposit required in advance
  • First Aid Trained staff on site


Challenge your little warriors to an all our Nerf War!  Battle it out in our multi-level indoor arena.


We have a wide selection of nerf guns to choose from, all guns fire our safe foam darts.


We have a wide variety of game plays and all our games are fully marshalled by a safety leader.

Nerf War Packages

Whether a Birthday, Social Group, School, Corporation, Company or Sports Group we can arrange a Nerf War group party package to suit your needs.