Birthday Parties

Having a party, we have a wide range of packages to suit everyone.

Birthday Party

Thinking about having a birthday party? Why not come down and let us look after the little warriors. With Laser Tag and dart wars we offer everything you might need to entertain the masses. Our state of the are laser tag guns will allow the little warriors to battle it out in our themed arena, the lasers weapons use infra red beams which are harmless to us humans, but leathal to their opponents. Or set them up in our Dart Wars arena, using Nerf weapons, let them battle it out to see who will be king of the hill.


Laser Tag

Our adrenaline filled location places players into live combat with the most advanced laser tag equipment available.

Nerf Wars

Challenge your little warriors to an all our Nerf War!  Battle it out in our indoor arena, with our safe foam darts.

VR Gaming

Who needs reality, its boring.  Step into Virtual reality and fight space pirates or fly a plane, or virtually anything.


Compete against your greatest challenge in our multi level arena, using realistic weapons.


Bring your own food to your party and use party area for an additional £20

Party Area

Our party area is very spacious and can hold up to 50 children at a time.

Birthday Packages

We have 3 main party packages on offer, Each package must have a minimum of 10 players. For the Airsoft Package all players must be over 12 years of age