Corporate / Team Building

Want to treat your staff? Or need a team building day? Come and have a look at what we offer.

Corporate / Team Building

Our corporate airsoft activity days are a great idea if you are looking to do some team building, especially with our Airsoft and challenges, all of which are sure to keep your team engaged and entertained throughout your stay. Events are run to suit every season at Trigger Happy.

Whether you are looking just for traditional fun or rewarding your staff’s hard work. We have more than enough corporate entertainment ideas to keep your team busy. Your team can enjoy various experiences by choosing from our impressive selection of scenario’s set out below.

Team Building Exercise

All of our activities will bring out the competitive spirit in your team by challenging them, as well as encouraging communication and team building. You will be using full replica fire arms from around the world and kitted out with suitable clothing and safety equipment to take part in the events.

  • Hostage Rescue
  • Demolition
  • Active Shooter
  • Domination…and many more!

Reward Your Team

Our corporate entertainment events are an excellent choice if you are looking to reward either individual teams or your company as a whole. Your team will enjoy a wonderful, fun-filled day and as their manager, you will benefit from:

  • Team development
  • Improved communication within the team(s)
  • Creation of a competitive drive to succeed
  • Increased staff morale

Corporate Entertainment Event Format

Your group can be divided into teams that rotate around a selection of set scenarios or they can compete head to head in the scenario of your choice. These activities will be hosted by our trained and experienced event staff which means our excellent instruction, coupled with your team’s enthusiasm and efforts, will result in a fantastic day for all involved.

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